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Built by extempers, for extempers.

Extemporaneous Speaking has come a long way from the days of cutting and pasting newspaper articles. Recent rule changes by the National Forensic League and many local circuits present an exciting opportunity: Merging the powers of the World Wide Web with Extemp!

But until now, that potential has not been realized. Debate programs have struggled using different technologies that were never built for Extemp. Fortunately, a digital solution now exists for all things Extemp.

I am excited to introduce you to Prepd – dedicated software for modern Extemp!

Prepd makes it easy for Extempers to research, practice, and compete. For coaches, Prepd facilitates learning by serving as an educational supplement. And those that have started using Prepd couldn’t be happier!

Now it’s your turn to join the growing Prepd community.

You can start by creating a free, trial account.

You can learn more by watching the intro video.

As a former Extemper, I can’t express how much I gained from my years of Extemp. I learned about the world, refined my critical thinking and public speaking skills, and made lifetime friendships! For me, building Prepd is rewarding; an opportunity to give back.

But we can’t build Prepd alone. Your ongoing feedback and support is much appreciated. Please feel free to email me at ian@prepd.in if you ever have any questions or thoughts.

All the Best,
- Ian and the Prepd Team

Prepd is a comprehensive software solution that runs on the Google Chrome browser. Teams will have access to the following technologies as part of their membership:

Article Catcher

Easily save (or “catch”) articles from the Internet with a web widget that runs on Google Chrome.


Access and organize folders and articles online, with a simple to use web application. Also, collect articles during rounds with the “Round Manager”.

Chrome App

Prepd’s offline solution is an application that runs on Google Chrome. The Chrome App syncs with your Team’s Dashboard to provide offline access to articles.

Mobile Apps

Coming soon! For Extempers that use iPads or Android Tablets in draw, Prepd’s mobile apps are for you!

Prepd’s mission is to deliver innovative software solutions for the competitive Extemporaneous Speaking community. Prepd will make it easy for Extempers to research, practice, and compete. For coaches, Prepd will facilitate learning by serving as an educational supplement.

Ian Panchèvre - Founder, El Jefe

Ian Panchèvre is the founder of Prepd. While a student at Clark High School, in San Antonio, Texas, Ian’s favorite speech and debate event was Extemp. During Ian’s senior year, he placed first at St. Marks, The Glenbrooks, and The University of Texas. Additionally, Ian competed at the MBA Round Robin, placed 4th at the Extemp TOC and was a semi-finalist at NFL nationals. Upon graduating high school, Ian enrolled at Yale. An entrepreneur with over three years of technology management experience, Ian guides product and business development for Prepd.


Mihai Bura - Software Engineer, The Code Composer

Mihai loves two things. Coffee and coding. He fell in love with coffee two years ago when he started working for a fun startup with Ian in San Antonio, Texas. The love for coding comes from a while back when his curiosity had him sign up for a programming class, then he became a full-time student who just gratuated "Alexandru Ioan Cuza" University in Iasi, Romania. With a great interest for web development, he's actively contributing to the Prepd products.


Madalin Barbulescu - Programmer, Digital Warrior

Madalin is an alien programmer who came to earth just to develop software and interesting applications. After crash landing in Romania, he studied the human ways of coding and creating software at the University of Alexandru Ioan Cuza, Iasi. That's where he met great friends and joined to create great apps. Right now he's using sugar as fuel for building quality software and sometimes a few minutes of sleep, just to dream of better ideas, while he pushes towards making Prepd's apps the greatest out there.


Jeremiah Anderson - Prepd Evangelist

Jeremiah is a long time Extemp advocate. In his senior year he won the UIL 5A State Championship in Texas. Jeremiah was also a semi-finalist in the TFA State tournament and the NFL National Tournament. As a recent graduate from UTSA with a degree in Political Science, Jeremiah seeks to develop tools that help grow the research and critical thinking skills of the next generation of Extempers.

Are you ready for a new level of extemporaneous speaking?

Faster article collection

It has never been easier to research and save articles. With just a few clicks, Prepd’s “Article Catcher” will save (or “catch”) a web article to designated folders along with the title, date, and publication. Convenient filing? Yes please!

Enhanced folder organization

Create, edit, and filter folders to maintain an organized filing system. Do you want to quickly open your team’s largest domestic folder? How about filter the articles to view those that are most recently published? Prepd has you covered!

A pleasant reading experience

Prepd auto-magically “cleans” every saved article to display only the main content. You won’t be distracted by advertisements and side content when reading articles in Prepd. The interface for viewing articles is efficient and beautiful!

Time-saving features for competition

With 30 minutes to prepare a 7 minute speech, you can’t afford to waste time by fighting inefficient technology. Prepd’s “Round Manager” makes it easy to organize your articles for a particular round. You will prep better with Prepd!

Powerful team management tools

Would you like to see how many articles your students are catching? Are you curious about filing trends or popular research areas? The “Coach’s Corner” empowers coaches to manage and monitor team activity like never before!

Prepd gives your team a competitive edge.


Easily capture articles from the web and save them to your team’s folders.


Folders can be filtered, organized, and edited. Coming soon, sub-folders!


Articles are “cleaned” to display only the main content for ease of use.


Create a “round” to navigate among relevant articles while competing.


Graphically highlight article content to quickly identify important content and facilitate learning.


Mark important articles as “Favorites” for quick and easy access.


The Coach’s Corner makes it easy for educators to monitor and manage team activity.


Coming soon! Extemper’s that compete with iPads can install Prepd’s mobile app.

Prepd makes people smile!

Simple, sweet, cheaper than paper and ink.


Start with a free trial account!

You can fully use Prepd and save up to 50 articles a month for free!

Want Prepd to save all your Extemp articles? Upgrade to PrepdPro for $5 a month and save unlimited articles!


  • 1 User
  • Up to 50 articles/month
  • Online and Offline Access




  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Online and Offline Access





  • 1 - 10 Users
  • Up to 500 articles/month
  • Online and Offline Access




  • 11 – 25 Users
  • Up to 1,500 articles/month
  • Online and Offline Access




  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Articles
  • Online and Offline Access



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